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“The mission of the State College Choral Society is to perform significant choral music for the enrichment of its members and the community.”




We envision:


An artistic director of proven excellence who will foster and build upon the Society’s rich history and repertoire.


Building a well-balanced choir that’s able to support a wide variety of choral works and musical needs; fostering a welcoming, engaging and connected community that provides opportunities to all for musical growth; increasing membership through expanded recruitment efforts and community awareness.


Establishing successful relationships with existing and new community venues that meet the Society’s musical, technical and financial needs.


Communicating a message of artistic excellence, inclusivity, and fellowship to increase both our audience and singing membership; leveraging social media, streaming and other print/web outlets to increase awareness of SCCS, its mission and events.


Collaboration and partnerships throughout the region creating joy in choral performance and excitement in music education, sustaining the Choral Society as an indispensable part of the Centre Region.

Adopted Spring 2022

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