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A close examination of the emblem reveals a mirror image of Bach's initials, JSB.

SCCS and the Bach Society Emblem

At its inception in 1949 the State College Choral Society focused solely on the works of Johann Sebastian Bach. The first six seasons featured works written by the master including selections from the B Minor Mass and Oratorios. Though not documented, it is believed that the Bach Society emblem was adopted during this time. The first deviation from Bach repertoire occurred in January 1957 with the performance of the Mozart Requiem.

Bach Society

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The Bach Society was a musical organization in London from 1849 to 1870. Its primary goals, as stated in its prospectus, were (1) to collect the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, both printed and in manuscript, and all works related to him, his family, or his music; and (2) the furtherance and promotion of a general acquaintance with his music by its public performance.

The original committee of management consisted of William Sterndale Bennett (founder and chairman), R. Barnett, G. Cooper, F. R. Cox, J. H. B. Dando, W. Dorrell, W. H. Holmes, Edward John Hopkins, Charles Edward Horsley, John Hullah, H. J. Lincoln, O. May, and Henry Smart, with Sir George Smart and Cipriani Potter as auditors, and Charles Steggall as honorary secretary.

The Society was dissolved on 21 March 1870. In 1984 the papers were donated by the Sterndale Bennett family to the library of Royal College of Music.

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