State College Choral Society

Spring 2022 Vaccination Policy

Thanks to the care and responsibility of our singers and staff, we were able to enjoy a healthy fall season in 2021. To continue to successfully protect the health and safety of our members, staff, and audiences, we are still requiring all members and staff to be fully vaccinated, and we are now also requiring evidence that all members, when eligible, have received booster shots by the time we begin in-person rehearsals on January 31.


We are adding booster shots to our vaccine requirements on the advice of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Adults 18 or older are eligible for a booster 5 months after receiving a Pfizer or Moderna shot, or 2 months after receiving a Johnson & Johnson shot. (


Therefore, the SCCS is asking all returning singers and staff to provide evidence that they have received a booster shot, if they are eligible for one, by the time we resume rehearsals on January 31. To provide proof of this vaccination, you may send a photo or scan of your CDC COVID-19 vaccination record card to this secure, dedicated email address: Or, if you prefer, you may show your card to General Manager Tom Penkala at the music and registration night on January 31. This information will be kept in confidence and will not be shared with any other organization.


We continue to require that members wear masks at all times while in the rehearsal building, and we strongly recommend that these be high-quality masks such as N95, KN95 or KF94 masks, or at minimum surgical masks, all of which are far better at preventing transmission of the Covid virus than cloth masks. We will have a supply of surgical masks available at each rehearsal.


Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation. We are looking forward to a new season full of song.


State College Choral Society Board of Directors

January 20, 2022


Current Rehearsal Protocols

(updated 1/20/2022)



All returning members must be verifiably vaccinated including the booster vaccination.



Because of the uncertain nature of the pandemic, we will make a decision regarding masking during rehearsals on the Friday before we reconvene and will let the members know via e-mail. (We will revisit these considerations before each successive rehearsal.) Be prepared to bring and wear a mask at each rehearsal.



Singers will be distanced to the extent possible given musical needs and the room’s layout.



In accordance with the most recent guidelines, our two-hour rehearsal will have one brief break after 50 minutes to clear the air, during which time all singers will exit the room. Please return promptly from these breaks!



We are fortunate to be rehearsing in a modern, large, and high-ceilinged sanctuary. Oakwood Church has boosted its airflow according to CDC advice and they estimate that the air in the room is replaced with fresh outside air every 15 to 20 minutes.


Symptoms of illness or Covid exposure

Singers should not attend rehearsals if they have even the slightest symptoms of any illness, if they have been in contact with someone with Covid-19, or have otherwise been in higher-risk situations. In these cases, please refer to Pennsylvania state health guidelines ( for the length of time you must stay isolated following illness, exposure, and positive or negative test results.


These procedures may change depending upon the situation at rehearsal time and advice from health authorities. If so, we’ll let you know by the weekend before the Monday rehearsal via e-mails from Chorus Connection.


State College Choral Society Board of Directors

January 20, 2022